Fresh for Longer

Keep cut flowers fresh for longer

Clean your vase

Some soap and water will remove any bacteria or fungi that might ruin your flowers

Use warm water

It’s best to use water that is around 110 degrees Fahrenheit and has been degassed. Fill the clean vase with the warm water and let it sit for a few minutes so all the air bubbles can escape

Feed your flowers

Add the packet of flower food that came with the flowers. It has bleach to fight off microbes, citric acid to promote water uptake, and sugar to keep your flowers looking fresh

Cut the stems

Hold the stems under running water and cut them at a 45 degree angle. This creates a wide opening to the xylem (where the flowers drink up water) and keeps air bubbles to a minimum so they don’t block the water pathways

Keep fruit away

Fruit produces ethylene, which tells a plant to ripen, and that will shorten the life span of your flowers

Keep your flowers cool

Try to store your flowers somewhere that isn’t too warm. If you’re leaving the house for a day or two, stick your flowers in the fridge (away from fruit). The cold reduces microbial growth and the metabolic rate of your flowers, extending their life

Flowers don’t last forever, but these tips will at least earn you a few extra days with them.

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